Der Blick vom Parkplatz auf den Ort
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Especially in spring, when the Côte d’Azur is starts to bloom and every village and city has a flower festival, one hears again and again about Bormes-les-Mimosas. And because one reads and hears about it everywhere, I never had a special desire to go there. I imagined that half of the Côte d’Azur would push its way through the city and I try to avoid such visits. And like always, I was wrong and regret not having been here earlier. The village and its sea of flowers deserve a visit. And above all, its shops and restaurants deserve a break. Why? Let me tell you.

Certainly you have already noticed the signs at the entrances of the villages, which give information about the peculiarities of the locality. On some of them you will find small flower symbols, above the name of the village you will see “Village Fleurie”. This is a national award of which the towns and villages are very proud. 2 Flowers can be found almost everywhere along the coast, now and then also 3. But Bormes-les-Mimosas has 4 and that is something special. In 2019 their status of 4 flowers was confirmed and a small documentary was shot.

Bormes-les-Mimosas has 22 urban gardeners and, believe it or not, 2500 different plant species, including some quite rare ones. This is all more than impressive. But the committee does not only pay attention to the number of plants, but also to ecological criteria. And they were very satisfied. Anyone who now thinks they might come to a museum town where they are not allowed to touch anything and are best not to breathe too deep, is mistaken.

We already felt very comfortable on the parking lot. It is a bit elevated and the view over the village is beautifully framed by pine trees. Look:

If you descend the street, you pass two huge bougainvilleas and feel calmed by this splendor. At least that’s how I felt. Everywhere it grows and blooms, you can’t stop being amazed. Of course the dog didn’t care, he just had smell of the ice cream shops in his nose and actually we ate a scoop as dessert – excellent! I’ll tell you more about that.

Now let’s take a few steps through the town:

The narrow alleys are so pretty and it really blooms at every corner! And it smells so wonderful! The sea is not far away and the smell of flowers mixes with the salt aroma and the smell of sun on pine trees – dreamlike!

Apart from narrow alleys, flowers and handicrafts there is another interesting thing in Bormes-les-Mimosas and this are archways. You can find them on-again-off-again, and they have exerted a certain fascination on me, because there could be anything behind them, how exciting!

For a snack in the bar of the Hotel Bellevue

We already chose this terrace with the great view for a break at the beginning of our round. But on the panoramic side it was too hot for us, so we decided to go for a cooler spot with a view of a mighty bougainvillea and were happy to find tapas. We ordered the menu up and down – appetite comes with eating, doesn’t it? And it was delicious! The anchovies in lemon were actually meant for the man, but I would have loved to eat them all alone. (Since then I’ve been searching this dish everywhere- unfortunately vainly so far).

The green door below the opposite bougainvillea leads into a room where you can exchange books. You bring your read copies and can take others with you. Nice idea to use this room.

By the way, there’s ice cream in the bar, too – weird, I know. But they offer homemade ice cream and really wicked varieties. The man was stocked because they had milk ice cream. Do you know Mini-Milk? There was nature and strawberry flavor. If you loved it as much as he did, you can revive the taste of your childhood here…


Even if you are not staying in the vicinity, but especially if you do, you should visit Bormes-les-Mimosas by all means! It is very worth it. I will return in any case, even if it is only because of the Anchois au citron

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