Azur Classic Car Rental verleiht nicht nur den Ford Mustang

Today I have the pleasure to present you another guest article. Thomas tells us about a very special experience on the Côte d’Azur, which I immediately put on my wish list! But read for yourself.

24 hours with a 1968 Ford Mustang

It took several attempts until we found Azur Classic Car Rental in the huge industrial area at the Route de la Roquette in Mougins. (Tip: First one follows the signs to the exit of the industrial area and then turns sharply left into the driveway to the roof at the trampoline arena.) On the parking deck at the very back on the right side you will find the car rental station. And in front of it we immediately see “our” Ford Mustang from 1968.

What a dream car! Shortly talked Erika through the formalities and the rough handling of the car. By the way a very nice contact, she speaks very good English and explained everything to us perfectly.

Excited I put the key into the ignition lock and start the engine. With an earsplitting noise he starts without grumbling. The power of this car is immediately noticeable. No electronics, just pure mechanics. And yet comfortable with automatic and air conditioning! (Yes, that already existed at that time.) But there are no other comforts, such as steering booster, and I quickly realize that the handling will be tiring.

Our Tour

From Mougins we head towards Grasse. Already on this short distance we get several “thumbs up” and one lady absolutely wants to take a photo. Again and again we get enthusiastic feedback, the men are very impressed, be it construction workers at the roadside, oncoming truck drivers or overtaking motorcyclists. The one woman remains the exception.

Steadily uphill we continue through Grasse. The partly tight curves are a challenge, but the sound of our car is terrific! Shortly before leaving the village we have a quick coffee, the Mustang is of course the eye-catcher on the local parking lot, and we have a lot of fun watching from our place.

Continuing the D2210 we reach Pont du Loup, where we take the D6. Also in the mountains the Mustang convinces by its pure power. In the meantime a slight smell of petrol and exhaust fumes is noticeable, but that is part of the game and with open windows no problem at all.

After a few stops for some photos we follow the D3 to Gourdon and then the D12 via Caussols to Saint-Lambert. A beautiful plateau, which could as well be somewhere in America. With this car – what more could you ask for?

A little further on the D112 and on we got on the D5. Ascents and descents alternate and the engine purrs like a kitten. Well, actually it roars like a lion.

But wait a minute, the fuel gauge is already drawing to a close… no, all-clear, during this winding up and down ride it only swings back and forth.

The descent gradually begins towards Tourettes and Fréjus. Partly the roads are very narrow and with the Mustang not necessarily recommendable. But despite all worries about the car, it is a lot of fun. In the suburbs of Fréjus we finally find a gas station and fill up for 25 liters, which is about the consumption per 100 kilometers. Not exactly little consumption, but worth every cent!

From Fréjus to Théoule sur Mer we take the well known coastal road and pass some seafront, where people throw us astonished to envious glances. With the sunset in the back we head to our domicile. Soaked with sweat – the car demands full physical effort – but satisfied I park the Mustang carefully and take another picture of all its splendour.

The next day we have to say goodbye. A few quick pictures and it’s already bye-bye, american Dream.

Definitely I’ll do it again! Only then perhaps a somewhat different route. In my opinion the car rather needs a French Route 66, without narrow descents. You should have driving skills and not be afraid to release the horses. The Mustang is big and the roads are partly quite small. If one is rather afraid in road traffic, then one might prefer to choose another car. But Azur Classic Car Rental offers a wide range of beautiful vintage cars, so you will surely find your dream car.


Well, if that’s not something very special for your next trip to the Côte d’Azur! Thanx for the text and the nice pictures, Thomas. It reads like a very special once-in-a-lifetime experience, which we must definitely try out too.

But first it’s your turn. And Erika from Azur Classic Car Rental even has a little surprise for you. You can download it here. What is it? But when I tell you, it’s no surprise! I’m just saying this much: it’s worth it and it will be great!

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And don’t forget to tell me about your tour in a classic car! Did you feel like in another time?