Die Ruhe neben der Hektik Teil 2

At the moment the weather on the Côte d’Azur is not so great. Somehow it seems to lag a month behind. Last year we were already bathing in the sea at this time – I remember. But the locals say that it’s always rainy when the film festivals take place in Cannes. Why break with traditions?

And so it rains – and as usual it always does on weekends. Last Sunday I had “free” (so no dog and no man). I could do what I wanted and I wanted to go and see this artist quarter in Cannes and when I’m there, the film festival spectacle. And afterwards I wanted to go to Cagnes-sur-Mer and finally see Renoir’s house. But that’s another story I’ll tell another time.

Today I’m taking you to Cannes for the festival season.

At such big events I am always amazed that everyday life just goes on and on. From the media and in conversations one gets the impression that the world should actually stand still when events of such dimensions take place. At least there’s hardly any talk of anything else. For all of them it’s a drastic experience, be it the restaurateurs preparing for a rush (or wondering why it doesn’t happen), the commuters complaining about the closed streets or the neighbours taking the weather conditions during the film festival as a reference for daring forecasts. That’s why I struggled with myself for a while to see if I should even dare to throw myself into the feared turmoil just to visit this gallery or if I’d better postpone it to “afterwards”. But no, don’t be a coward!

And as I have already indicated: there was hardly anything noticeable in the surroundings. Really amazing. Sure, there was a lot going on at the harbour and the traffic was creatively diverted. But apart from that, everything was as usual. As usual, the whistling and wildly gesticulating policemen increased the chaos during rush hours. The market also took place as usual at the well-known place with the usual offer. And even next to the Bouleplatz directly opposite the palais de festival antiques and junk were offered for sale like every Sunday.

So there is absolutely no reason to avoid Cannes in festival time!

But I actually wanted to become the suquet des artistes. Since 2015 4 artists from Cannes reside in the former morgue of the city – huiuiui! – meanwhile nicely renovated, on approx. 850 sqm, up in the old town not far from the church (address: 7, Rue Saint-Dizier, 06400 Cannes).

I prepared myself well too: I googled my opening hours and address and set off in time – only to find myself standing in front of (half) locked doors. Because as befits France, the studios are open when the artist is there. (When he arrives – who knows?!) So a visit remains connected with a certain adventure, but I could imagine that the chance during the week is a bit greater than at the weekend. (Can you give more reliable information? Then please write a comment.)

But there is also a large exhibition area where other artists can exhibit (admission free) and this exhibition can definitely be seen. By the way, you can find modern art in the suquets des artistes.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want to miss the visit, the surroundings look great and if you are already strolling around in the old town, you can make the little side trip as well. It’s a secluded corner behind a pretty little park and if the tourist hustle and bustle of the suquet has exhausted you a bit, you can get some rest here again.

And now on to the Suquet, the old town of Cannes

For le suquet I can only urge you to put the heart, you really neat to proceed. Admittedly, this is a bit difficult, because the area is not very large, but what I actually want to say with it: turn into a few of the narrow alleys, go away from the main roads. It’s so pretty in the part where the locals still live. And quiet and peaceful. There is another small park through which you can get from the church back to the harbour, where the “real” hustle and bustle welcomes you. Or as on this Sunday: the film festival!

Cannes Film Festival

Cannes buzzes during the 11 days the festival lasts. But you can also get out of the way and just have a sniff if you feel like it. I was at noon shortly before the start of a new demonstration on site. The lucky ones, who had cards or invitations, stood in line at the security checks, all less lucky ones stood in front of the barrier and tried to get hold of cards. This year, 6,000 Cannois were invited to the festival – probably so that the locals would not be left out. Or perhaps in recognition of a special achievement…

But as everywhere at the Côte d’Azur, one only has to go around the corner once and one already has one’s peace – although one is actually still in the middle:

There is one more thing I should mention, and that is the – let us call it – maritime state of siege. Before Cannes such many boats anchor in the versions “big” and “bigger”. And those who want (and have the necessary small change) can move into their quarters for the duration of the festival on one of the luxury dinghies, which are located directly in the harbour next to the festival area and thus offer a central advantage. But it always seems to me there, like on an extremely expensive camping site on water: everything is made of plastic and the neighbour is not a metre away. But it’s still swaying here – nothing for me.

By the way: I didn’t see any stars. But I don’t need that either. I have much more fun at such sights 😊:


Cannes can also be visited during the festival season, there are enough quiet places to relax from the hustle and bustle. Or have you experienced it differently?

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