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Imagine, you're on vacation...

Your destination is set - you travel to the Côte d'Azur. You also know what you want to pack. The only thing still missing is the travel planning. The Côte d'Azur is large, there is much to see. You already know a bit about the region, from documentaries and films.
Now you have to select some travel guides and read them, research places of interest, restaurants, activities and create a plan so that you won't miss anything.

Pretty time-consuming, isn't it?

Now imagine, someone would have done the planning for you...

... and you only have to get there, unpack - and relax!
Everything else is already arranged.
All is left for you is to explore the new surroundings, breathe the salty sea air, feel the sun on your face and enjoy the atmosphere.

That sounds too good to be true?

But not at all!
Because it's exactly what you get here! My travel guide allows you to put your valuable time into more important things than preparing your trip. Spend your little spare time restful and as you like, because you can simply follow my tour suggestions and get to know the Côte d'Azur with all its facets without having to waste time with planning.
Whereat you have all the freedoms you should have on a vacation: If you want, you can go on a tour every day, whereat you determine the order yourself. You can also sleep or sit in a café until noon every day and jaunt only in the afternoon. Or you take a trip every other day and spend the others on the beach...
Arrange your vacation exactly as it is right for you and adapt the travel guide completely individually to your desires!

What is a tour-book?

A tour-book is a mix of a guidebook and a tour guide.

I'll explain it more precisely:
In the common guidebooks you get all the information you need for a self-organized trip: addresses, recommendations and secret insider tips. Often you get swamped with information, the books are made for a large target group with a variety of interests, there should be something for everyone.
How often have I stood desperately at my destination and hectically browsed through the many books in search of what I wanted to see live, but I couldn't find the passage anymore?
You know that too?
Then it's even better that you ended up here!

For whom is the tour-book intended?

A tour-book helps all those who, due to all the stress and work, no longer know if they are coming or going, but who not only want to lie on the beach during their vacation, but also want to get to know and understand the country and its people.

The our-book relieves them of the burden of planning and gives them free time before the vacation and carefree time during the trip.

And what exactly do you get with the tour-book?

He is a tour guide!

Similar to a guide in persona, you will get an organized schedule for the different days. The difference is: You are completely free to skip a point, start sooner or later and if you really like it somewhere, you just stay there.
Because you decide about your day. After all, it is YOUR holiday.

And he is a travel guide!

Of course, you should also get background informations and understand where you are and what led to it being the way it is. But the information is limited to the places you really visit and to what is necessary for you to develop understanding. If you want to gain more detailed knowledge, you will find hints on where to get it.

He will turn your vacation into a road trip!

I am absolutely convinced that an experience is reinforced when the senses are appealed to as well. That's why I give you music intended to strengthen your experience of a region, so when back in your daily grind those songs will take you on a trip down memory lane and you will have a small moment of happiness.

And he's a little anti-stress program.

Every now and then you will read: breathe and enjoy.
If you enjoy consciously, stress has no place.
I want to help you rest your mind, let go of everyday stress and relax. No matter how long your stay is.

"If you have the freedom to follow a plan, then you also have the freedom not to follow it.
That's true relaxation."

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The travel guide makes it easy to discover the region.
​For us it's a completely new way of exploring a foreign region. We never had the feeling to miss anything, but still had the opportunity to go on a journey of exploration ourselves.
​The different excursions are arranged geographically in a wise way, so we could add another sightseeing in the afternoon - or not if we didn't feel like it.

Stefan about 'Nice and surroundings'

Damit Du deinen Urlaub genießt und keine Zeit mit der Vorbereitung verlierst.


Affectionately prepared travel guide with an eye for details and ideas.
If you've never been to the Côte d'Azur before, you'll get a easy start with this guide and a feeling for the region. With all the charm of the southerners you can only relax, but you have to understand them too. The author takes the time to explain how life is there and suddenly everything becomes relaxed and the vacation is a great experience with addictive factor for more.

Ingo about '1 week road trip'

You're convinced?


So that you can enjoy your holiday and don't lose any time with the preparation.

For a long weekend

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