- côte d'Azur with all Senses -

Ok, let's stop beating around the bush: You have no time! 

Your life is exhausting and crowded, there is always something going on or someone wants something from you and currently you have to take care of the holiday preparation!

Where to find the time?

No need, I'll do it!!


Very simple: You subscribe to my Day-to-Day itinerary!
All you have to do is get to the Côte d'Azur without wasting any time browsing through travel guides or the Internet and finding out what you are supposed to see and experience.

Too good, to be true?

But not at all!
You simply get an email from me every day with suggestions for sightseeing, excursions, restaurants...
And you follow them - or not. Because my highest goal is for you to relax to the point where you realize what you're in the mood for. And if it only should be to sit somewhere, you just do so!
You are as free as you should be on holiday!

What is a Travel-Plan?

A travel plan is like a tour guide, only send by email.

I'll explain it to you in more detail:
In fact, you always have to decide: self-organized vs. group travel, travel guide vs. personal guide.
Somehow stupid.
One day I wondered why I couldn't have both? To be completely free and still have a planned itinerary - that doesn't have to be mutually exclusive! And that' s why I developed my travel plan.
You can completely rely on my suggestions and still don't have to follow a bunch and a flag in the air all day long. You can skip parts and just linger where you like - impossible with group travel. But with my travel plan you can!

You have the advantages of a structured trip without the inflexibility of group travel.

Is the Travel-Plan suitable for you?

My travel plan will help everybody who has no time and capacity to do the vacation planning because of all the stress, but who still wants to go on a discovery trip and learn about different countries and people.

With the travel plan, you no longer have to worry about the travel organization and are not overwhelmed with too much information at the same time.

And how exactly does the Travel-Plan work?

It is a tour guide!

Just like on a group trip, you will receive an organized schedule for the individual days. The difference is: You are totally free to skip a point, start sooner or later and if you really enjoy a spot, just stay there! For you decide about your day. After all, it is YOUR holiday.

You get a broad insight!

You will get to know the region well, because I have combined many different destinations. The Côte d'Azur has a wide offer of nature, culture, sport, pleasure...
I will therefore offer you a wide range of activities, so you can discover a little of everything.
At the same time you won't be bothered with background information, facts and figures.

He will turn your vacation into a Road Trip!

I am firmly convinced that an experience is enhanced when the senses are addressed. That's why I offer you music which should strengthen your experience of a region, so you can take yourself back with these songs at any time and feel a small moment of holiday happiness in your everyday life.

He's supposed to help you relax!

If you enjoy consciously, there is no room for stress, so you will read from time to time: breathe and enjoy.
I want to help you switch off and slow down, let go of everyday stress and relax. No matter how long your stay is.

“If you have the freedom to follow a plan, then you also have the freedom to not follow it.
That's true relaxation.”

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Are you convinced?

Damit Du deinen Urlaub genießt und keine Zeit mit der Vorbereitung verlierst.

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