So that you can enjoy your holiday and don't lose any time with the preparation.

I am so excited!

My first travel guide for a weekend trip to the Côte d’Azur is ready!

It’s called “Nice & surroundings – Côte d’Azur with all senses”!

So that you can enjoy your holiday and don't lose any time with the preparation.

what is it about?

I have created a tour for you that will give you a carefree weekend on the Côte d’Azur and still give you an insight into the region. Feel as if you are visiting me and I will show you the most beautiful spots!

What’s in there for you?

I know it too: a long weekend is ahead and you want to travel.

Usually, one then books a city trip, preferably to a city that is not too far away and that has an airport – as for example Nice does. But before departure, there was no time at all to prepare this short vacation, to browse travel guides and internet and to think about what to see, where to eat and what to experience. And suddenly, one stands in front of the foreign airport building and thinks: what’s next?

At this point I would like to pick you up and give you a guide with which you can find your way on the Côte d’Azur quickly and easily.

Traditional travel guides cover many topics, there must be something for every guest, whether it is a bicycle tourist or parents with a little child. In most cases, you don’t know the distances and misjudge them, and then you leave with the feeling of having missed a few highlights.

What do I offer in my travel-guides?

My travel-guide is a mixture of a guidebook and a tour guide. Like a guided group tour without a group and without stress.

With my travel-guides I want to give you the feeling that I show you around personally. That’s why there’s only a selection listed, just as if you would visit me, and we would make some nice excursions. The area is too varied to be seen all in one weekend, and we want to stay somewhere and have a cup of coffee too, wouldn’t we? Or would you prefer to try a pastis?

If you think after this weekend that you have got a good overview and would like to come back, then my travel-guide has fulfilled his task.

Every once in a while I’ll suggest a song. I firmly believe that you can deepen an experience if the senses are addressed. The music should turn this short trip into a road movie that you won’t forget for a long time. And every time you hear one of the songs, it takes you back to the French Riviera and gives you a little moment of happiness in everyday life.

How to get the travel guide for a long weekend in and around Nice.

The most important thing for me is that you can experience your holiday on your own terms. Therefore, I offer you the travel guide also in two versions.


Do you prefer to have only one cell phone with you, on which you can check from time to time where you want to go next, but otherwise prefer to explore your holiday destination yourself? And preferably with light luggage? Then the digital version is definitely the right one for you.

… or analog

You like to explore with at least one, but more travel guides and read more often what you see in front of you. From time to time you take a break and then leaf through the books to have a plan for the rest of the day.

Then I would advise you to try the printed version. You can easily order my travel guide on Amazon. It will then be printed and sent to you after a few days.

A sneak peak of what we will experience together:

Do you feel like it? I am already looking forward to it 🙂

Have you tried the travel guide? Tell me if you missed anything. Or did I manage what I wanted: To give you the feeling that you are visiting me?

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