Today I would like to tell you how and where you can spend the night at the Côte d’Azur. (Since I provide you with affiliate links (see explanation on the right), I would like to point out that this article contains advertising.)

French bedtime stories

In France, small queen size beds are common. The man and I have learned to ask for the size of the bed at least once (more likely multiple times) before each booking. The French standard size is 140 × 200 cm — which is much too small for the man and me. Another obstacle is the duvet: it consists of a single, huge blanket or sometimes a sheet wrapped around a woolen blanket. I have a lot of trouble with that because I like to stuff the blanket under me and let my feet peek out. The man puts a part under his head, a part under his knee — it’s not easy with us. We have also been offered a bed with a length of 1.90 meters. But the man is 1.97 meters tall. That’s why I always check out exactly what kind of bed is waiting for us.

1) Hotels

Sure, you know hotels. This is the obvious thought for most people when it comes to booking a vacation. On the French Mediterranean coast there is everything from 2 to 5 stars, although there are considerable differences within the 5-star category. Some 5-star hotels are rather normal business hotels. But others offer you an incomparable luxury and pamper you all along the line. I would like to tell you about the latter here, the others you can find on your own, for example at

Le Mas Candille

46 rooms and suites in a garden of 4 ha in the hills around Mougins – dreamlike. The fantastic restaurant has a Michelin star. You’ ll find it here(*).

Tiara Yaktsa Côte d’Azur

In Théoule-sur-Mer, more precisely in Miramar, there are two 5-star hotels that are only a few hundred meters apart. The Yaktsa is a little oriental and offers 21 rooms and suites. The hotel restaurant does not have a star, but is distinguished in the Guide Michelin. You can book here(*).

Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa

The second 5-star hotel in Theoule is Miramar Beach. With its 59 rooms and suites, it is larger than its sister and also offers its own two-story villa! Here(*) you can find it.

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

The hotel is known (mainly from movies and literature) all over town and has even its own Wikipedia entry. There are 118 rooms and suites, but the restaurants do not have a star.

Hotel Negresco

Of course, THE hotel in Nice. 100 rooms and 25 suites are waiting for you. The furnishing style ranges from Louis XIII to Pop Art, you could almost call it a boutique hotel. Even if you don’t want to spend the night here, you can at least have a look(*).

These were the top dogs. Maybe you already know these names, but maybe you don’t know the next one yet.

hinter dem Negresco geht die Sonne unter

Les Roches Rouges

I would take this hotel right away! The puristic rooms with natural linen fabrics, wood and reduced decoration absolutely meet my taste! From the outside the house looks like a bungalow from the 1950s and every time we pass by I take a longing look at it. It has its own access to the sea, two pools, two restaurants and breakfast is available for pleasant €11 / person. It is located near the landing place of the Allies in World War II which is located between Agay and St. Raphael, near Cap Dramont. You can book here(*).

2a) Chambres d’hôtes

This type of guest room rental was meant to be an extra income for farmers. You have a good connection to the landlords and you can hope for many insider tips. On this page you will find a comprehensive overview and here (*) you can find the offers of Another special feature is the Table d’hôte. Many hosts offer their guests a meal in the evening and in the past (maybe it is still the same in some places today) dinner was served for all guests and the landlords at the same table.

2b) Chambres d’hôtes de charme

This is an upgraded version of a chambres d’hôtes. Here you will find a list of accommodations. You can assume that you will find something special, be it the rooms in a building full of history or the houses are located in a particularly beautiful location or surrounded by a park with old trees — simply charming.

3) organic hotels

Last year we spent a few days in Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon, near the Verdon Gorge. There we stayed for the first time in an organic hotel and it was incredible. Le moulin du chateau(*) is situated a little off the beaten track in a small village in complete silence – and we have never slept so well! You hear: nothing. When the window is open, at most the wind rushes a little in the trees. The last official act of the chambermaid, before she left the room, was to spray lavender scent. And when we returned to the room after our trip, it was as if we were entering a spa area. The hustle and bustle of the day is lost at the sight of the garden and the house, and when you enter your lavender room, you notice how your batteries are charging. In the evening, the landlords cooked the most wonderful dishes alternately. Absolutely recommendable!

Another recommendation is the chateau saint roux(*), which I can warmly recommend to you even only for a wine tasting. However, you will certainly wish you could spend a night there – at least that’s how the man and I felt. Chateau Saint Roux is an organic vineyard with its own vegetable garden, goat cheese, table d’hôte and guest rooms.

Rustikales Ambiente bei der Boutique

Another hotel I found for you during my research is the eco-hotel L’Auberge de Baous in Saint Jeannet (about 17 km above Nice). This small, owner-managed hotel makes my green heart beat faster and the two operators also offer interesting tours. All food comes from an organic farmer, who is less than 2 km away. We will definitely come here some day. (On you can find more eco-hotels.)

4) Holiday Flats

You know the big names: Airbnb, Homeaway or*). But do you already know Gîtes de France? (Our apartment is ready for booking too.)

5) Hostels

We don’t have any experience with that, with dogs common rooms are rather no good idea. (If at home a guest stays overnight on the sofa, the dog checks several times a night whether the guest is still there. Unfortunately he doesn’t tolerate the individual distance and “looks” more with his nose than with his eyes.) But there are hostels and in some of them also double rooms and some only for women or only for men. I have researched this for this article where you can find “5) Accommodation”.

6) Extraordinary Accommodations

How about a night at a castle? Or in an old vineyard? Or an old manor house from the Belle époque? Here you will find extraordinary accommodations.

7) B&B

The prices vary in the high season between €50 and €100. The best about this type of accommodation is that you get in touch with the other guests. You can get an idea about the offers at*). Or you look here, beautiful article!

8) Boutique-Hotels

Oh, yeah, I like them a lot, too. Interesting interior design always delights my design-minded heart very much. On the site of MyBoutiqueHotel, which I researched for you, you will find not only hotels, but also B&B’s, hostels… Just have a look.

9) Home Swap

Or flat swap. You know the principle, don’t you? (You offer your apartment on a platform, write where, when and for how long you want to leave and then you can search for someone or be found by someone whose criteria match yours. If it fits, he moves into your apartment and you move into his. Usually you pay an annual membership fee.) There are some providers, just search for “home exchange portal“.


The French Riviera not only offers unaffordable luxury accommodation. Everyone can find their dream accommodation here and spend the vacation of their life!

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