Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild am Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat Cote d'Azur

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild – Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat

Let’s visit Villa Rothschild at Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat today.

In my opinion, this is a real highlight. (Maybe I use the word “highlight” a little too often, is that possible? But it’s really true in this case.)

But look at how beautiful the villa is!

Don’t you agree with me?


Baroness Béatrice Ephrussi, née Rothschild, had the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild built during the Belle époque. It was finalized in 1912 and was a mammoth project at that time, in terms of construction, cost and size. In fact, it was only a winter residence for the Baroness, destined from the outset to become a meeting place for art and culture. She bequeathed the villa, the land and her entire art collection in the villa to the state on condition that it remain a place for guests. And you feel this hospitality, you feel cordially invited and welcomed.

What to expect

The visitor can take headphones at the entrance (free of charge) and have the rooms, the works of art and the life of the Baroness explained. A nice, intimate atmosphere is created and you get quite a deep insight. From almost every window you can see the garden or the sea. Today, there is a café in the former Oriental Salon where one can also get a warm lunch. In the garden, you can see a fountain show with music every half hour.

Voila some impressions from indoors:

And now a look in the garden and the fountain show:

Why you should visit

I really enjoy this place. I feel like I would know the Baroness when I walk through her house and hear stories of her craziness on headphones. For example, she once held a wedding in her house, to which she invited the entire high society of Europe. Nothing special, you think? Well, two of her dogs got married. And the whole nobility appeared, even a London newspaper reported about it. I think this is quite crazy.

But I like those stories and people, that’s probably the reason why I enjoy this villa so much.

Furthermore, this expanse, both in the house and in the garden, is very pleasant. The Côte d’Azur can be quite narrow at times (the small alleys, the many people…). In the Villa Rothschild, one can take a deep breath and spend one’s time in peace while strolling through the house and afterwards the garden.


Yes, I am absolutely in favor of visiting the Villa Rothschild. Tell me in the comments how you liked it. I am curious.