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I simplify your travel planning so you can use your precious time for more important things.
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hier schreibe ich über die Côte d'Azur

Are you going to the Côte d'Azur soon?

And so you invest your rare spare time in researching about the area, where best to stay, what to see and experience, which restaurants - the usual holiday preparations.

But actually, you don't have time for this, do you?

​Collecting all information and creating to-do lists is quite time-consuming. But who has money for a private tour guide? And such a trip doesn't necessarily sound fun either: you run behind a guy all the time, if you're unlucky, together with 15 others, are driven to some tourist places and have 2 × 30 minutes “free time” per day - that's no recreation!

And so you burn the midnight oil because during the day you simply don't have the time to prepare this trip - you are just too busy, as usual some projects need to be finished right before your vacation. As if the world would end, if it wouldn't be done...

I know exactly how you feel!

​The world is getting faster and faster, a thousand things are pattering on us, emails on our mobile phones, the constant availability of the Internet, this unbelievably large offer, but with an incredible pressure, the strange developments in politics and society and not to forget: climate change.
We are unbelievably overcharged. We have continuously to make a decision, which always presupposes that we have an opinion, so we have to inform ourselves first, so we won't tell nonsense. And then you need to improve your professional skills and somehow the DIY wave also opens up undreamed-of possibilities. It's way better to repair then to throw away and buy new. So with the help of tutorials you learn how to change engine oil and mend jeans, not only make your own Christmas presents, but also add incredibly creative gift packaging. 2-3 times a week you do yoga or kick boxing according to YouTube videos and at some point you also have to cultivate your contacts in Brazil and Australia. Pooh...

Of course this development does not spare the vacations. The demands are growing. Two weeks All-In vacation is nothing to write home about anymore. Especially because you'd better protect the environment and stay at home if you don't leave the resort anyway.

You are not alone with these thoughts!

bUT i have the Solution! 

We want to spend our little leisure time nicely, relaxing, preferably with additional value. Ideally, we also learn something, but please nothing too strenuous, we are way too tired. Such an organized trip with a travel group has its advantages - but we are not that old yet, are we? And we don't want to spend any money on a private tourist guide. Moreover, one always has to be a party to the program one paid for, and maybe we just want to stay somewhere because it's so beautiful there! But you can't just do so.

​Exactly for this I have developed my two solutions!

Solution 1: My Travel-BOOK

With my Travel-BOOK, you will get a completely planned vacation! They give you suggestions for tours, background information on history and culture and restaurant recommendations. You discover the area with insider knowledge!

I have made plans on various topics, e.g. for a 3-day short trip to Nice, for a week's holiday on the Côte d'Azur, for the Christmas season, for Marseille...
You choose what fits best to your trip and don't have to spend one single minute of your time on preparation and plans.

For I know how stressful all our lives are, I plan the trips with enough time and remind you over and over again to just stop, look, breathe. As my stress coach expressed so nicely: You can't be stressed while enjoying.

You will get to know the Côte d'Azur in a very relaxed way, I will show you regional delicacies and specialties, we will look at the wonderful nature, but we will also experience some culture. You will receive a balanced program from me!

Damit Du deinen Urlaub genießt und keine Zeit mit der Vorbereitung verlierst.

Solution 2: My travel PLAN

For all those who prefer setting off on their own during vacation, I have developed the travel plan.
Every morning you will receive an email with suggestions for the upcoming day. You decide when to start at the registration. You can receive the emails one or more days in advance, so that you can check in advance what awaits you. Or you can get them in the morning and browse at breakfast what the day will bring you. It' s up to you!


The Travel-PLAN is a pared-down version of the Travel-BOOK. I have deliberately avoided information about history and culture and limited myself to the basics like opening hours, length of the route etc... You only get the most important thing: a plan for the day! If you want to learn about something, you will find out on your own. My job is to take the planning off your hands and that's what I did with my surprise day-by-day itinerary!

An impression of what you will experience

This is only a small selection of what you will discover on the Côte d'Azur.

village perché

Located in the backcountry of Nice you will find a pretty village with an impressive botanical garden.


How about a picnic by the sea? With fresh ingredients like olives, cheese, salami, baguette...

living the life of Riley in France

Do you know the regional specialties like Socca and Pissaladière? And what do you think about warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream?


Swimming, snorkeling, stand up paddling or just enjoying the sun and reading a book - you choose

Quality is my Passion!

I know how hard life is and how tired we are. Same here. 

That's why I thought intensively about how I could help you to have a relaxing holiday on the Côte d'Azur. What would I plan for you if you visited me? 

I kept this question in mind while making plans. Then I put them in a geographical and thematic order.

All you have to do is get in the car, program your GPS and enjoy your holiday!

No long searching for highlights you have to see. No wasted time in route planning to avoid zigzagging through the area. No more wasted evenings lost while searching for a few insider tips.

Just lean back and enjoy your free time, I have organized everything for you! 

Who am I, anyway?

My name is

When I first visited the Côte d'Azur, I felt like coming home. Although time wasn't the easiest back then.
Since the end of 2017, I've been writing about the region on my blog, so that others can fall in love with this wonderful area as much as I did.
At first glance, you are quickly dazzled by all the pomp and show-off. One has to look for the “real” life of the Côte d'Azur - for which a single vacation is often not enough.
For that reason, I give tips on my blog for excursion destinations between Marseille and Menton, explain a bit about life in the south of France, show sports activities on land and water and much more.

Lean back and leave the planning to me.
All you have to do is discover the Côte d'Azur!

Take a closer look on what I can do for you!

Customer Opinions

If you want to find out what other people have experienced with my travel programs, then check out a few opinions.

What others say


With the travel-book it is easy to get to know the Côte d'Azur! And it's fun!
You will not be overloaded with information, but will be shown real highlights and also the music tips create completely different access to the respective places. For us a completely new way to get to know a foreign area.

Stefan about the Travel-BOOK


Those who have never been to the Côte d'Azur before, will find a good introduction with the travel book and will get a feeling for the area. With the charm of the southern countries, one can only relax, but one has to understand them, the author explains how life happens and suddenly, everything becomes relaxed and the holiday is a great experience and make you wish for more.

Ingo about the Travel-BOOK


With the travel plan every day was a bit like the Advent season as a child: what kind of excursion will surprise us today?
It was really worth it and a lot of fun.
And the trips were great!
A thousand thanks for that.

Birgit about the Travel-Plan

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