Zuerst gibt es Galette
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Have you ever tried Galette? In case you haven’t, these are hearty crepes. They are traditionally made from buckwheat flour, water and salt. (Nowadays the dough is sometimes varied, e.g. a little wheat flour or milk are added. I’ll mention that if you’re allergic, so you know you’d better ask about the ingredients. I have difficulties with milk and usually tolerate the Galette very well.)

La Galette de Marie

My todays culinary enthusiasm can be found in Cannes, namely:  9 Rue Bivouac Napoléon, 06400 Cannes.

We frequently and gladly come here. The food is digestible, tastes good and you sit in a small side street, which I like because of the nice owner-managed shops. In summer as in winter, La Galette de Marie is a nice reason for us to go to Cannes. By the way, one traditionally drinks cider with it, the national drink of Brittany. The sparkling apple wine is served here in a kind of teacup, you should definitely try it.

But first a few impressions, right?

Doesn’t that look excellent? And now watch out, your mouth will start watering! The man had – as every time actually – a Super Royale (minced meat, cheese, egg, onions), I like to take the Super Chevrette (goat cheese, nuts, tomatoes, honey) or Popeye (egg, spinach, goat cheese and raw ham). For dessert, we always have a crêpe and mostly we choose Mars (homemade chocolate and caramel sauce). With a Mega Mars you get a scoop of vanilla ice cream and cream. Bounty is also great: homemade chocolate sauce and coconut flakes. Or order a Bounty with a scoop of coconut ice cream – a true revelation! Anyway, you can easily change every dish as you desire. Eating galette is actually a great thing for almost every diet. When having a lactose intolerance, you can order any galette without cheese, with gluten intolerance you are right anyway because of the buckwheat flour, vegetarians will find a large selection and even vegans can still choose between ratatouille and mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach or a salad.


Give it a shot! And come hungry so you won’t miss the dessert.

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