Die Schlossruine von Grimaud thront auf ihrem Berg
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That sounds like a lot of boring info. But don’t worry: it won’t get that bad! And you want to know what awaits you in the village and whether you should go there, don’t you?

Short overview

Medieval Grimaud is situated just a few kilometres away from Saint Tropez on a hill in the middle of vineyards and on the foothills of the Massif des Maures. The municipality of Grimaud also includes Port Grimaud, which you might know from some pictures: a colorful village where every house has its own boat dock and which reminds a little of Venice. (entrance fee, dogs not allowed)

Of course, the Romans have already been here. During archaeological excavations, remains of an old Roman port were found. Until 973 A.D., the Saracens dominated this region. In the middle of the 11th century, Grimaud is first mentioned by name. The castle also dates from this period and the ruins are today a typical recognition feature of Grimaud and are illuminated particularly beautifully in the evening.

The list of places of interest at Wikipedia is really long and includes galleries and the castle ruins as well as not less than 4 chapels!

Here we go: Why should you visit Grimaud?

Die Schlossruine von Grimaud thront auf ihrem Berg

Grimaud is picturesquely situated on a hill, the castle ruins on the top make you dream of times long gone, of knights, damsels in distress, drafty rooms and big feasts. But the place does not fit this picture at all. It is rather a typical French village with narrow streets, a lot of art in the streets and some galleries, as well as restaurants, heaps of churches and countless colorful plants.

Good to know

Opposite to the tourist information there is a parking garage, the first hour is free. Nearby you will find an elevator, which will save you a good part of the ascent.

You can stroll through the village, drift a little and get lost. Then you stop for a bite to eat and take a seat here and there – a little aperitif with a few olives and crackers or one of these little tartlets with a cup of coffee is always a good idea, isn’t it?

But you should definitely climb up to the ruin. Even if you ask yourself in the meantime whether it is necessary to climb the whole peak in this heat. Yes! (Unless it is foggy, then maybe not. But then it is not so warm and the ascent is easier…) Because apart from the great view you have from the ruin – you can see all the way up to the sea – you deserve a break after the descent and everything will taste even better after some sports!

My Tip:

Un parfum d’autrefois is a small owner-managed shop with the most exquisite things from fashion and accessories to bells and whistles for your home (e.g. scented candles, bowls, etc.). The shop is not cheap, but I managed to find a few of my favourite pieces there during sale. (1 Passage du Cros, 83310 Grimaud) Enjoy!


I enjoyed my day in Grimaud very much, brought some nice souvenirs back home, which always reminds me of a relaxed vacation day and I highly recommend a trip to Grimaud. But perhaps I would rather recommend extending this trip, because from the village it is not far to the Monastère de la Verne, which impressed me especially. Or you visit a winery, like the organic winery Saint Roux. In addition, Grimaud offers another sensation (yes, really!), namely a flea market! (Why this is so sensational, you can read here.) Well and you’re not far away from the sea. What more do you need than a nap on the beach after a nice stroll through a pretty village?

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