Pont des Fees
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The “Bridge of the Fairies” is an enchanted relic of times long past nad is situated below the village of Grimaud. The loop trail is at any time of the year very worthwhile because you can take really nice photos, but especially in spring, when the river carries water and nature shows its flowerage. But beware: sturdy shoes are necessary! And as soon as it gets a bit warm, take a bottle of water.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Pont des Fées was responsible for supplying the village with water. Today the former aqueduct is only a ruin, but it lives up to its name and looks magically in the wild nature below the cemetery of Grimaud.

The descent starts quite steeply, but with a staircase. If you keep calm, you might see Greek tortoises here. Unfortunately we don’t see any, even if we sneak around quietly. The sun is burning down on us. Although it is already late summer, we are glad about sun hat and water bottle. At the beginning we are a bit disappointed by the barren landscape, everything is dry and rocky, and we see the bridge quite late. (We started the round to the left – the shade of the trees was decisive. Maybe going to the right is more beautiful?) The dog is panting like a world champion, and I am already quite warm too when we suddenly see the bridge behind a bend. And it looks just as surreal and magical as I had imagined.

The man still has enough energy to climb on the surrounding rocks hunting for the best photo perspective. Meanwhile, the dog and I collapse on a stone in the shadow of the bridge and take a breather.

pont des fees

It’s hard to imagine the River La Garde would ever carry water.

I particularly like the fact that you can walk over the bridge, even if it looks a bit dilapidated. It’s fun to look at the world from above.

On the other side, we strive to raise. The hike is not long, maybe 1.5 km, but you have to conquer 40 m of altitude, actually 80 m because you have to ascend as well.

Afterwards we all deserved a cool drink!


Absolutely recommendable. But take your time and don’t forget the sun protection.

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