Pointe de l'Ay
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I have already hiked and presented one or the other part of the famous coastal hiking trail of the Côte d’Azur (here). Today we walk another section of the sentier du littoral, this time we start behind Saint Tropez. It’s hot and parking in the town is expensive, which are the two reasons why we stop outside. But you can also just start the trail right at the harbour and walk around the whole peninsula. I found a good map.

But as usual we arrived too late, because we had to have lunch first (forget the picnic again, tsk tsk…). And we wanted to go for a swim too. Therefore, we choose this round (start: chemin de l’Estagnet / Plage des Canoubiers):

What awaits you on the section near Saint Tropez

I just thought for a moment whether the spontaneous first sentence I wanted to write was true. And yes, it’s true. So:

For me, the coastal path in the region around Saint Tropez is one of the most beautiful parts of the sentier du littoral. Already the section at Cap Camarat impressed me a lot and the photos I took there are among my favorites. And so I felt here (I even wonder if I should hang one of the pictures above my bed). But I do have good reasons for this enthusiasm. On the one hand the cheap parking possibilities (whereby I want to point out that it can be crowded here, because the beach is really nice and popular), on the other hand the way is not as frequented as for example the one around the Cap d’Antibes. Mostly we were completely alone. And third, I find this landscape so incredibly beautiful:

Actually, that is one of the pictures I’d hang above my bed. Or maybe that one:

Or that:

But let’s turn to the things that are more important for you.

The path

We started in front of the sailing club – and were annoyed that we took once more the first free parking lot and had to walk the long road instead of looking for the last free one… But as we all know, the journey is the reward and it will be really beautiful in a minute.

At first, you walk past the gates of some villas – and past Toutou’s Bar. (Toutou is a term of endearment for dogs, means bowwow or doggy). The blue gate belongs to a very famous person – I’m sure you know who I mean.

A little further on, civilization appears merely on the horizon and you are in the middle of this legendary nature.

The sun is burning from the sky, there is almost no shadow and I am happy to wear my hat. The dog takes every opportunity to go swimming and I start to wonder if our store of water will be sufficient. Finally we find a shady corner and just let ourselves drop. I forgot my swimsuit, but with so few people around, I dare to go into the cool water. Of course someone appears promptly just when I am half way in the water. (I don’t know how you feel, but cold water seems to be colder on my belly.) I have never overcome this last hurdle so quickly.

The return

You can walk around the whole cap. But since we started only after lunch and stopped many times to take pictures and a bath, it is late by now, and we want to go back. That’s why we bend at Plage de la Rabiou and wind our way through the residential area. Whereby this is not just a “residential area”, this is a park with sensational villas and it is tremendous fun to admire the many beautiful houses respectively their hedges, because you don’t often get a look at the property. Nevertheless, it seems to be an official way, there are small signs with “Piétons” (pedestrians) on them. You can find them at cat nose height, which is why we overlooked them on our first time here.

See that little blue sign? But it’s not always blue! And also not always down there… A little scavenger hunt at the end of the hike – nice.


I don’t have to say anything, do I? I’d rather let a few more impressions speak! One more thing: Don’t forget a hat and enough water! And sun blocker! Even in winter it is very warm here and the sun is burning.

Have you been here before?

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